Which Brand is the Top Designer Brand?

There are innumerable brands in the fashion industry and it is never easy to pinpoint which brand is the top international brand. If money is not the constraint there are countless top brands such as Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, True Religion, Christian Audigier, 7 Diamonds, UGG Australia, Joe’s Jeans etc. They all are known for their distinctive identity and exude an aura of universal glamour and charm. Though all of them cater to a niche clientele, however, each one of them are distinctive in their style and design. In a fashion industry, that sees the rise of a dozen brands each day, it’s definitely not an easy task to figure out one top brand; in fact it wouldn’t be incorrect to say there are quite a few top designer brands.

These brands are a favorite with most Hollywood celebrities, stars and famous personalities and can be often spotted wearing signature creations from these designer houses. A brief look into some of these hottest brands will surely give an idea on why they lead the pack and are considered to be the best in the industry.

Christian Audigier: This famous French designer’s fashion house is known for its bold, unique and chic designs that exude from its collection of designer apparels. Numerous well-known personalities have made Christian Audigier’s collection a part of their wardrobes including the likes of Madonna, Kate Perry, Joel Moore, Allison Iraheta, Michael Jackson, Rich Luzzi, Colby O Donnis, etc. This international conglomerate has risen to the top of the ladder within a really short span of time and features designer brands including Ed Hardy, Christian Audigier, SMET, Crystal Rock, C-Bar-A, Savoir Faire, Evel Knievel, Rock Fabulous, and Paco Chicano.

Joe’s Jeans: The client list is literally endless that features some of the best known names such as Madonna, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Katie Holmes, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cheryl Crow, Will Smith, Alicia Keys etc. With such an illustrious client base, it isn’t surprising this designer wear is one of the hottest selling brands right now. The women’s collection features a selection of exquisitely crafted jeans that are accompanied by an equally fine range of blouses, tops and even accessories such as bags. The men’s collection features an equally impressive collection of shirts and jeans that are designed to add a cool and a glamorous appeal to the overall appearance.

Hugo Boss: The name is synonymous with fashionable and sophisticated collections of designer wear that is a reflection of impeccable craftsmanship, exclusivity and unmatched fabrics. Hugo and Boss are the two brands with various fashion lines aimed at various target groups. Boss Black is an ensemble of elegant business attire while Boss Selection is known for its premium menswear and accessories. Boss Orange caters to both men and women with its selection of vibrant and intricately designed casual attire. Beyond clothes, the brand is also known for its exquisite collection of shoes, bags, perfumes and a host of other accessories as well.

True religion: The likes of Victoria Beckham, Christina Aguilera, Hillary Duff, Jessica Simpson, Jessica Alba have often been spotted wearing a True Religion jeans. These designer jeans are a reflection of timeless, chic and bohemian style and have become trendsetters for today’s consumers.