Where Should You Sell Your Custom Tattoo Designs?

Professional tattoo designers are the ones who create designs for their clients. These designs are sold by them through various sources. They may either sell a custom tattoo design directly to the client or may create them on the latest theme and make them available for sale by tattoo enthusiasts or tattoo sites. So exactly where should the tattoo artists sell their designs? Though there are several places where tattoo designs can be sold, but one needs to take a few steps first:

The first thing for any tattoo artist to do is to create a portfolio of all the designs created by him/ her. These should be grouped into relevant categories. For example, if there are tribal designs, fantasy designs, words such as Sanskrit or Japanese, or other categories, they should all be put into the applicable categories together as one portfolio.

The next step is to get his or her designs copyrighted so that his/her work stays protected. This step is of utmost importance because the tattoo industry is witnessing rapid growth these days. Tattoo enthusiasts all across the globe ask for unique custom designs and with the web becoming more and more accessible, chances of designs being stolen, copied or forged are very high.

After the portfolio is created and the artist’s work is copyrighted, the next step is to start checking out various websites that accept tattoo designs for display and sale. There are websites that pay royalties to their designers because the designs displayed on the site increase the traffic to the site and hence its rankings. On the other hand, there are sites that provide tattoo services, but they require a contract to be signed to win exclusive rights to the design.

Most of the experienced artists recommend that tattoo designers should not sell their designs exclusively to one site because this will limit the marketability of those designs and a very few clients will get an access to those designs. However, it is a good idea to talk to local tattoo artists/ studios to see if they would be willing to market your designs.