What to Remember When Designing Websites

1. Heavy files

Not everybody has a super-fast connection to the World Wide Web. Business entities who want to ensure that a maximum number of people visit their websites have to adhere to a simpler scheme when designing their webpages. This means steering away from unnecessary heavy files and videos or background music, as it makes loading and accessing these websites difficult.

2. Fixed font size

Web pages are all about providing a channel through which individuals can get a maximum amount of information. Sometimes the fonts on the webpages are too small or not legible by all due to some readers having impaired vision or there may be other factors. For these reasons, the webpage should allow its visitors to change the font size to adjust it according to their comfort.

3. Popup windows

According to surveys and studies conducted, online surfers hate this feature as it makes navigation difficult for them and clutters their desktops. The same goes for links that automatically open in the new window. This is the reason these features should be used sparingly. Some websites make the fatal mistake of placing important information on these popup windows. Some surfers use anti-popup tools to block these popups, therefore the important information is lost to the reader. This information should always be provided in a central place on the webpages.