Understand the Pros and Cons of Tattoo Design Contests

When people think of getting themselves tattooed, they imagine how good it would look on the skin and how others will appreciate the tattoo design. But they seldom forget to taken into consideration, the fact that having a tattoo involves money, sometimes a lot of money. Also, it becomes a permanent feature on your skin that is not easy to remove. These two points are worth spending time and energy in finalizing a design that suits one’s image, personality traits, size, choice of colors as well as the current trend in tattoo designs.

One way of getting a great design is by hosting an online custom tattoo design contest. But before that, let’s understand the pros and cons of hosting such a contest so that you can make the best decision.


By hosting a tattoo design contest you get to see various artistic interpretations based on your ideas. Different designers have different thoughts and they come from different backgrounds, have a lot of experience and are skilled enough to put your idea into paper in the most creative way possible. So, this gives the client an opportunity to interact with the designers and get a few modifications done, if need be and have a variety of designs to choose from.

Most of the times, tattoo designers create such amazing designs that the client could never have imagined without their help. The collection of some brilliant designs may even inspire the client to have another tattoo.

Hosting a tattoo design contest gives the client the opportunity to decide on the most appropriate size of the design. For example; the client may have thought of having a small size tattoo. But on seeing the design on paper, he or she may figure out that it does not look very impressive. Similarly, one can shrink the size of an otherwise big tattoo design to look great on the skin.

Another great thing about the tattoo design contests is that you get a stencil of your chosen design. So, when you walk with the stencil into the tattoo studio, they’ll be able to give you exactly what you want.