Top 5 Trends in Custom Tattoo Designs For 2012

Tattoo designs are always changing according to current events and trends in fashion. Hence, it is vital that you choose custom tattoo designs that match current trends. Even though designs keep changing with the time, there are still some that always stay at the top of the fashion must haves. There are at least five tattoo designs that will remain in the top trends in 2012. These are designs related to accessorial motifs, temporary applications, partial body designs, designs related to flora and fauna or the environment, as well as what we call “tattoo statements.”

First, accessorial designs refer to tattoos that look like necklaces, rings, bracelets and the other usual ornaments worn on the body. There are people who want a pearl necklace or anklet, or perhaps a bracelet, but desire to wear them for longer periods without taking too much trouble in constantly putting them on and taking them off. There are also some short-term accessorial designs that are washable or last only for couple of days. These kinds of designs are preferred by people who want to have something unique for specific occasions.

When it comes to custom tattoo designs, another trend for this year is temporary tattoos. It is not just the design that matters here, but also the quality and the duration for which the tattoos stay on the skin. One may choose any tattoo design, but the most important factor is that they must not be permanently inked on the skin. The reason why these designs are becoming so popular is that tattoo styles keep changing every now and then and tattoo enthusiasts want to sport the latest trends in tattoos.

Hence, it is convenient to have something that lasts for a long time, but not too long, so that one can be flexible in changing designs. Some great designs in this category include butterfly tattoos, star tattoos and skull tattoos.

Thirdly, partial body tattoo designs are also on the fashion list for this year. Designs included in this category are among the most wanted of all time. Some of these styles are the partial arm caricatures, abdominal or frontal body designs, back tattoos and many more. People often like these designs because they are connected to other, more important areas of their lives, for example; religious beliefs. Religious symbolism illustrated by tattoos is quite popular, and some tattoo enthusiasts have wing-like illustrations tattooed onto their backs.

Fourthly,flora and fauna designs are always a part of the top trends. These are the designs of plants, animals and other living creatures inhabiting the ecosystem. There are some people who now want to be inked with trees, animals, environmental representations and the like. At times people like to combine nature with a theme of life. For example “tree of life and death”. Such tattoos are also becoming very popular.

Last, but definitely not the least among these trends is the statement design. Some of the particular ones in this array of custom tattoo designs include logos and statements with significant political, social and cultural meaning. Among the best examples are the peace sign, chains, skulls and other logos or statements.