Tips on Choosing a Beautiful and Elegant Flower Design

One of the most popular tattoo designs for women are flowers. A gorgeous flower can be very sexy, delicate and feminine. The appeal of a flower is that there are so many variations that you can use with this particular design. There are also hundreds of flowers to choose from, so it is safe to say that your flower tattoo will be unique to you.

Another great thing about a flower design is that they can be anywhere on your body and still look great. You can choose a small single flower for your ankle or wrist or go wild with a huge full back tattoo. The beauty and elegance of flower tattoos will always be a popular choice.

If you are contemplating a flower design but just can’t seem to come up with and idea, here are some suggestions to get your mind rolling.

Flowers with Vines – Vines almost always compliment any flower design. Depending on what area of the body your tattoo will be on, and how large the design will be, the cool thing about vines is that they can flow across your body to create a very sexy look.
A Flower with a Name – These tattoos are often seen on men as well, and the flower is almost always a rose with a name. Whether it be “mom” or a lady of desire, these tattoos are quite common. If you decide to have a boyfriend or girlfriends name tattooed, just be sure the relationship will last. Need I say more?
Hearts and Flowers – Hearts are a favorite tattoo design as well and when added to pretty flowers, this can be a gorgeous combination.
Mixed Flowers – Many flower designs are just one favorite flower, but a mixture of several different kinds of colorful ones makes a beautiful bouquet on your body.
Flowers to Compliment Another Design – You may already have a design in mind but think it will look too plain by itself. Flowers are the perfect choice to add a little pizzazz to any tattoo design.