Tips for Getting Custom Tattoo Designs

So, you’ve made the decision to get a custom tattoo. What do you do next? Call a tattoo shop? Search for custom tattoo designs online? Actually, you should do a little of both. Call and then visit your local tattoo shop and check it out and make sure that it is clean, hygienic, follows the latest techniques and is fully equipped with the best tattoo equipments. Take a look at the designs created by their artists to check if their skill matches your expectations. Also, speak to some of the tattoo enthusiasts who have got themselves inked from that very studio.

Once you are done with your local visit, check tattoo design websites to see what they have to offer in terms of styles and trends in tattoos. Most of the top sites have a group of talented tattoo designers who can provide you with some best designs. You can even start an online tattoo design contest where you invite tattoo artists to compete to provide you with the most creative custom tattoo design based on your tattoo idea and preferences.

It’s critical that you know what you want in a tattoo design to be able to explain it to the designer. When going through the designs, or starting a tattoo design contest, you must have a clear picture of the design in your mind. Without absolute clarity, no tattoo designer will be able to provide you with the design that exactly matches your expectations.

The designers should have the idea about design, size of the tattoo, the color scheme, and the place on your body where you want the design to be tattooed. These choices determine how the tattoo designer designs your tattoo. For example; size of the custom tattoo design is important because there’s only so much detail that can be put in a small place and over time it will have a tendency to blur. So the designer will match the size to the intended design.

Make sure you consider the implications of having a tattoo that’s visible with respect to your work place policies. While some professions do not allow their employees to sport tattoos at workplace, there could be work place regulations that stop people from showing off their tattoos in the office. If this could be the case, consider getting a tattoo design that can be easily covered up at work.

Another important thing to keep in mind before you leave for the tattoo studio to get yourself inked is food. Yes, food! Make sure you’ve eaten relatively soon before your appointment so that you are comfortable and full. As a first timer, nerves can get the better of you and the amount of time it could take to get your tattoo finished could do all sorts of nasty things on an empty stomach. Don’t risk the comfort because you’re too nervous to eat and risk your blood sugar dropping dangerously low.

And, finally, make sure you follow the after-care tips after your tattoo is done. You spent a lot of time and money to get a custom design tattoo and not following your after-care would be foolish. Protect your tattoo from the sun for at least two weeks, avoid swimming in chlorinated water for some time and don’t scratch the tattooed area.