Tips and Ideas For Choosing Flower Tattoo Designs

First and foremost, one has to realize that flower tattoo designs are not just for women, they are very much for men also. In fact, floral tattoos actually started out as designs for men. With sailors, journeying through a long trip out at sea, a rose tattoo serve as reminders of beloved wives or mothers back home. Flowers were also used as fillers for other tats, such as those of pin up girls, barbed wire or heart designs.

Flower tattoo designs can be incredibly feminine but that does not mean that men cannot incorporate one into their body art. Flowers can be great options for men as they are very versatile and can easily be combined with other elements to make them more masculine. Animals such as snake, dragon, panther or tiger can be the main image in your tat and adding flowers can mean that you also have a soft side to you.

Women can never go wrong with flower tattoo designs as they can definitely highlight and accentuate her feminine side. If you want to know which flower is appropriate for you, its best that you acquaint yourself with the symbolical meaning attached to them. You can also just go with the kind of flower that is associated with your zodiac sign so it will be reflective of your personality.

When deciding for this type of tat theme, make sure that you go for a design that you really love. Don’t pressure yourself into choosing which one, as they say, don’t rush art. The more time and planning you devote in picking out the design, the more memorable and meaningful it will be for you in the long run.

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