Things to Consider When Designing Websites

Internet plays an important role as communication medium both on professional and personal fronts. The companies use it for online trading, advertising products and services etc where as individual users use it for emailing, social networking, blogging to express their ideas etc. So while creating a website one has to note that apart from serving its main purpose i.e; transfer of information, there are certain aspects to be taken care of.

The impression created by a website on it’s users is very important. Here are some of the must do things:

— Firstly, the information should be apt and understandable, in a structured manner.

— Secondly, proper navigation should be provided between various pages of the site.

— Thirdly, help and contact us option should be provided depending upon the purposes of the website.

— Fourthly, search should be provided to make the information accessibility easier. Live search is a better option.

— And finally, the aesthetics. It takes care of your websites appearance including basic template, fonts, colors etc.

Apart from these, there are other features that add to your website. Meta tagging includes description of the website and keywords in it. It helps in getting more hits. Forum is a place for structured discussions. It is a valuable information source as people exchange their views and also help the companies in getting feedback from users about various products and services. Blogging also allows one to express his opinions and put up his work. Forums and blogs also help in expanding relations which is advantageous both for companies or individual users. Providing a site map in large complicated websites makes navigation easy and comfortable for the users.

So, a website designer should take care of these features depending upon the purpose, functionalities and viewers of the site.