The Real Beauty of a Flower Tattoo Design

Flower tattoo designs definitely deserve to be among the top ten of the most beloved tattoos in body-art history. That is because flowers, like just a few other things, are perfect subjects for any tattoo artist and wonderful artworks for any tattoo lover.

People choose to get flower patterns on their body primarily because of their beauty, which is also the reason why they are so much beloved by tattooists. How many kinds of flowers do you know? There are so many, so different from each other and all so beautiful and colourful – it is easy to understand why they are so popular.

As any other symbol of beauty and elegance, flower tattoo designs are commonly considered feminine tattoos. Just as butterfly tattoo designs, flower tattoos are coloured symbol for delicacy, joy, love… not really what a “real man” would wish to wear for the rest of his life. Nonetheless, flowers tattoos are often chosen by men for the meanings they carry.

As a matter of facts, flowers are not only wonderful designs: each flower has a different symbolic meaning, allowing different people, men or women, to express their individual personality.

For many people, flowers tattoos are symbols of life. They are often seen as a representation of the cycle of life: people see them growing, living and eventually dying. The feeling of death, of something beautiful but in some way always about to end, make flowers even more fascinating, making them beautiful but, at the same time, melancholic symbols.

Tattoos are usually there to express something personal. A rose tattoo design usually express love or passion, but it could have a completely different meaning to me, representing something or someone important in my life. However, it is not bad to know something about the general meanings of flower tattoos.

As said, rose usually express love and passion, but not if they are white. The great thing about flowers is that any detail could change the whole meaning of a tattoo. White roses usually express purity or friendship among women. With a sword through it, a rose symbolize a dangerous love. If surrounded in barbed wire could be a sign for the well known connection between love and sorrow.

Another common tattoo design portrays the lotus flower.

Such flowers grow heading for the light at the surface of a still pond and when they finally emerge they blossom into a beautiful flower. Some see Lotus flowers tattoo designs as powerful symbols for spiritual awakening and rebirth. Others take it as an example of strength, for overcoming tough adversity in life, never giving up.

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