The Meaning of Popular Flower Tattoo Designs

When you walk through the streets and you see someone with a tattoo, you question the meaning as you past them. To go through the pain and time to receive this wonderful work of art, it must have some meaning. Tattoos offer a touch of your personality.

There are different types of tattoos that your able to chose from, but the flower is one that can reflect you and your personality. Some of the most popular flower tattoo designs have strong meanings behind their designs. Aztec Flower- This flower has a meaning of warrior / temptress. To chose this tattoo is to chose to embody the heritage that is attached to it’s meaning. Ancient Aztec women were given tattoos when choosing to assist or take part in war. Although they did not hold the spears or the sacred weapons, their role was very important.

Rose – With the meaning of love, growth and remembrance, this is a very popular item. You will find many roses with the names of loved ones who have passed or loved ones who are still with us and there is to be a growth of love in a relationship. The color selection also gives a great view into the meanings.

Lily – Remembrance- Lily’s are used as a sign of remembrance. You will find a lily on the backs or arms entangled with the name of a loved one who has passed. Sometimes it is used to decorate or fill other elaborate colorful tattoos.

Daisy – Joy- This flower is used sometimes to reference the 60’s, 70’s or any time of free spirit. You will find that daisy’s are also used when in connection to a child’s birth.

Salal- Vibrant shades of this flower are used in the hair for Hawaiian women or used to shape the abstract designs used by the artist.

The next time you pass someone with a flower tattoo, stop them and ask them their sacred meaning of this wonderful work of art. They allowed someone to take the time to create an enduring piece of art on their bodies and it is to be respected or marveled.