The Importance of a Well Designed Website for Today’s Business

Just for fun, try this – think of a subject that you would like to find some information about and then go Google it. When the results appear, click on one of them that you think might give you the answers you are seeking. Now pay close attention to the amount of time that it takes for you to find relevant information on the site that you clicked the link for. Is the information easy to find or do you have to spend more than a minute looking for it on the web site? On that site, is it easy to navigate from page to page or is the navigation tricky?

What does all of this have to do with website design? Typically, if your information is easily found and navigation is simple then the site in question has been designed well. Easily found information and the ability to be easily navigated means that the web site has been designed to be user friendly. The usability of a web site is comprised of a variety of characteristics that work in conjunction to make the web site user friendly.

Website design is critical because if your visitors can find what they are looking for quickly, they are more likely to stay and browse awhile. If finding what they are looking for is difficult then your visitors will more than likely get frustrated and leave to look for the information elsewhere.

An excellent website design will be easily understood and navigation will be simple. This will allow for your visitors to be able to find what they are looking for and it will also take you closer to either getting in touch with potential clients/customers or making a sale.

There are a few aspects of website design that might be taken into consideration if you feel that your current design just isn’t getting the results you need. These include:

Aesthetics – if a site doesn’t look professional then it is difficult to build trust. The design should be such that it leads the eyes from the important things to the secondary information or items. Spacing and typography are important. Colors, images and a call to action are also important.
Organization – Everything on a web site should have a logical position that should be conducive to easy navigation. This should be apparent on every single page of the site. For example, main content should have a space that is front and center while secondary content can be to the side of or underneath the main content.
Eye Candy –There ought to be something on each page of your site that will catch someone’s eye. Many times this is done with a video or an image. However, it is important to remember that this eye candy should be both relevant and not too over the top. If a page is too busy, people will find it difficult to deal with and leave.
Remember that there is more to designing a site than simply looks and navigation. You will need to know coding as well as other things. Website design companies can handle all of this for you and get your site right where it needs to be.