Should You Make Revisions In Your Design For The Client?

Tattoo artists work with clients who want custom designs; designs done to reflect their personality and to make a personal statement. One question that many tattoo artists have in their mind is, “Should you make revisions in your design for the client?” The answer to this question is simple. It would depend on the current design and what part of it needs to be revised.

People get tattoos because through them, they wish to proudly display their lifestyle, their passion for what they think matter most to them in life. But sometimes, the designs the artists come up with have a scope for improvement. For example; sometimes people come to the studio with a design that they have drawn up, but if they are not artists, the design may need some changes to create a workable tattoo. Similarly, some enthusiasts may wish to get symbols, Sanskrit words, Chinese or Japanese characters inked on their bodies because they like the sentiment of the word. Here again, the tattoo artist should verify that the characters are 100 percent correct because if any part of the drawing is incorrect, it will completely change the meaning of the word and it is not a good thing.

When the subject of the tattoo seems inappropriate to the tattoo designer, such as vulgar words or sexually explicit designs, it’s the duty of the designer to suggest changes in the tattoo design or change the subject altogether. However, one general rule is to not make any revisions on the tattoo design without discussing with the client, and it’s particularly important with these types of design.

Another area in which revisions may have to be considered is the tribal designs, particularly if the client wants to combine various tribal designs into one tattoo. If the design doesn’t flow well, such as designs from different tribes that may appear incompatible, there may be some techniques the artist can recommend to change the designs to make it more congruent.

Sometimes clients may have designs that they see and like so much that they wish to have it tattooed on them as well, but, with slight changes in the color scheme or the size of the design. In this case, the artists should use their experience to make out if it will be appropriate to apply changes as suggested by the client. For instance; if they want the image to be significantly enlarged, it may distort the design. There may be colors that are incompatible with the design, so the artist should logically convince the client to revise the design in a way that the size is appropriate, and the colors look beautiful.

When the tattoo design has been customized by the client, the artist should make every due recommendation to ensure that the client is happy and satisfied with the final product. So yes, when it comes to making revisions in the design for the client, revisions should be made. But changes should not be made before discussing them with the client first.