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No worries…you can take charge of your home decor projects with confidence! With my easy-to-follow home decorating book, ‘Ten Simple Steps to Design Success‘, you will use the same set of decision making guidelines that I use with my own clients.  Each step is clearly explained, using examples, pictures, tips and ‘homework’, to ensure that you understand the concept and can apply it to your own project.  (Hint: this is not rocket science – you can do it with the proper instruction). This is Simple, Inexpensive Home Decorating at its best!

My design process works in a small area, a large room, an entire home; with a large spending budget, decorating on a budget,  or no budget at all…‘Ten Simple Steps to Design Success’ will work for you!  Yes, it will require some time and effort on your part, but you’ll learn something new, you’ll have some fun and the result will be a home decorating project you will be proud of!

Your investment is minimal, only $8.95, so you can purchase this home decorating book without putting a dent in your budget. Plus, you’ll have instant access to everything described – no waiting for a week or longer to get started on your interior decorating project. You can be working on Step #1 today!

Of course, you can always hire a professional home decorator or interior designer to assist you with your home decorating needs.  And if working with a professional is your desire and within your budget, that’s great.

But for many of us, our budgets just don’t allow for the luxury of professional interior design services to assist us with our home decor needs -We’re looking for inexpensive home decorating ideas and help. Again, no worries,  here is the answer for you:

                                                                                     Ten Simple Steps to Design Success!

Written from the beginner’s perspective, this home decorating E-Book will guide you through each step that I take with my clients as we work through a home design project.  You will learn to decorate your home inexpensively; or, use these simple interior design ideas, suggestions and tips and implement them as you (and your budget) see fit.  My philosophy and methods work with any home decor, style and decorating on a budget.

Ten Simple Steps to Design Success! outlines in clear, concise and easy to understand steps how to take a room or area of your home and transform it into the design style that reflect you and  your personality, even if you’re not sure what that style is!  This book of home decorating is like having your own personal Home Decorator, even if you are  have no idea of the  home interior design process.

Perhaps you are looking for living room design ideas, tips and suggestions.  I discuss everything from learning to decorate an empty room in a new home, to putting the finishing touches and accessories in a completed space, large or small,including living rooms, bedrooms, dens, offices, hallways and entries, great rooms, and much more.

I will take you through the process of determining what your home decorating project will consist of BEFORE you buy anything or make any decisions. We’ll discuss your budget (I know, it’s no fun, but very necessary!), how to use what you have to minimize expenses, furniture placement, accessorizing, and much more!

This simple E-Book is not 1000’s or even 100’s of pages long, and I created it that way purposely.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with lengthy interior design and decor books, but sometimes too much information, pictures and choices is overwhelming.  And do you know what happens then?  NOTHING.  That’s the problem.  You look at all of the beautiful pictures and pages upon pages of information and think, “I’ll never be able to learn to do all of this home decorating stuff!”.  The, you put the beautiful book away (or, leave it on the coffee table
and impress your friends) and that’s the end of your
interior decorating project.

Or, you may be the type of person who collects pictures of beautiful rooms and homes they want to emulate ‘someday’.  Have you done anything with that picture file yet?  I didn’t think so…too much information, and while lovely to look at, you have not learned the process of home decorating.  So what do you do with it?  NOTHING.

When you purchase ‘Ten Simple Steps to Design Success!’ you will be amazed at how simply the information is presented.  You won’t mind the fact that you are a home decorating beginner because you’ll be getting the help you need in a simple, clear and easy to understand manner.

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