Marketplace Help for Creating a World of Opportunities for Designers

Scores of web designers find themselves in difficult positions when looking for work. Many times securing a client does not come down to one issue, but multiple factors which can leave some designers confused as to what the creative firms and clients want in a web designer.

Although each job, each client and each design firm is different, they will ask a web designer a few questions prior to hiring him or her to design or revamp a website. Prior to hiring a designer, a firm or client wants to know what type of services the designer provides.

The best firms offer their clientele a well-rounded foundation of design and copy talent. Thus, if a firm is heavy with programmers, they may want to hire a graphic designer or copywriter to their stable. No firm or designer wants to hire someone who is only able to perform one type of function or demonstrate one type of skill.

Therefore an artist with a varied skill set will set himself or herself ahead of the crowd if they are able to demonstrate that they are an asset to any firm or clientele. The ability to be multidimensional is a requirement because many customers will want to know how proficient the artist’s design skills are and if they can create a website from scratch.

Firms prefer designers who can demonstrate their skills with templates and with creating new websites. Even some of the largest creative companies use templates because it saves their clients money and saves the designers time.

However, clients with more money to spend or those looking for a truly unique site will want a completely new website to be created will need to search for a designer with those capabilities as well. This means that designers with experience using both types of skills will be in high demand.

Yet, one issue that has hampered many talented designers is their portfolios. Some people hold the misconception that only young, recent college grads have weak portfolios, but they are wrong. Many successful designers have so much work that they neglect to update their own portfolios.

All clients and creative companies are going to ask to see a designer’s portfolio prior to hiring him or her for the position. Most people have their portfolios online, which means that if someone did not update their portfolio, a client may be looking at very outdated work which shows less-advanced design skills.

A top portfolio shows only the designer’s best work and it needs to be regularly updated to highlight the artist’s strengths and evolving skills and knowledge of certain techniques. An outdated portfolio is the death knell for anyone in the design industry.

Artists that constantly elect to educate and further their skills will find that they are in greater demand than those who do not grow their skills. However, some designers will soon discover that their potential clientele will ask them to analyze their current site before booking them for a web redesign.

Some places offer consultations for free while others charge a nominal consultation fee. This is because many people will want the artist to evaluate their site to discover what should be done differently and how the designer will be able to improve their website to reflect exactly what their business model is all about.