Learn The Simple Techniques Of Winning Tattoo Design Contests

The techniques of winning a tattoo design contest aren’t difficult, but they are defined. When entering a design contest, the designers prepare to work with a client who is looking for help in creating a custom tattoo design based on personal ideas and preference. How the artists approach and respond to the contest will determine whether or not they can win the contest.

First and foremost, the tattoo designs submitted by designers must be original. If the designs are not original, the artist risks not only losing the competition, but also losing his or her credibility as a tattoo artist. Submitting designs that are other designer’s work of art or those that belong to tattoo enthusiasts who have paid for those designs is wrong.

Besides being unethical, the contest is hosted for the purpose of creating a custom design tattoo after all. So, it doesn’t conform to the contest rules and could get the designer banned from participating in any more contests, or at the very least, push the artist way down the list of credible tattoo designers so their work is not considered in any future contest.

The setting of the winning prize money is another key factor. There is a very fine balance between not paying enough, and fixing a price too high. While not paying enough will not encourage the experienced and professional designers to submit the best of their designs, offering a very high price may invite too many designers submitting numerous designs. This will make the contest holder’s job difficult to check and eliminate designs that do not match the custom tattoo description. It is therefore advisable that the prize money is determined after taking into account the amount of time and effort involved as well as the size and intricacy of the design required.

When a client sets up a tattoo design contest, he or she is looking for an original design. It is very important for the client to provide a detailed description of the requirements in a tattoo design. For example; client should specify if the design is meant to remember a loved one, if it signifies an important date, the size, details, color scheme and the body part where the wearer of the tattoo intends to ink the design.

When taken into the full concept, presenting original designs, determining the correct price point for tattoo designs, and creativity are the tools to become successful at winning the contest. If an artist tries to take shortcuts to win, more often than not, they will be spotted and it will be bad for their reputation and their career at large. Honesty and a good rapport go a long way for a designer’s reputation.

They key for success in winning tattoo design contests is to be as creative as possible, working within the parameters given and only submitting original designs. Only those with professional ethics will get the opportunity to show their tattoo skills and compete in a program that promotes the artists as well as benefit the whole tattoo designer’s community.