Industrial Design 101

Industrial Design, simply known as ID, is a rather specialized professional field of work. Have you ever wondered who come up with the designs for the gadgets you use on a daily basis? Well, the people behind the user-friendliness, uniqueness, and exceptional design of these consumer products are industrial designers. However, contrary to popular belief, ID isn’t a factory-related type of work. In fact, it is actually an artistic and creative profession which involves the aesthetic and innovative aspect of product development and design.

What Are Industrial Designs?

They are present everywhere, even in the most common or everyday products that have an aesthetic appeal. The purpose of creating ID is to make a product look more appealing, as these features can be one of its key selling points. So, generally the aesthetic look of products can be referred to as their design. These designs are patented and registered and only the owner can apply them on their products. Anyone subject to stealing the design or using it can be subject to fines or penalties.

ID in Product Development

ID is mainly used in the field of product development. It helps with the creation of new and appealing products and uses a concept known as the original “thinker”. Designers use this concept to ensure originality and uniqueness and enhance the appearance and value of a product. This is mainly because in order for a product to be registered, it has to be original.

In ID, both the buyers and the manufacturers benefit from the product created. The manufacturers mainly earn more due to the profitability of the product and its design, and buyers through the innovative use of the product. So, what is the role of an industrial designer? Aren’t they similar to product designers? Well, they are often confused with product designers, but they are completely different in every aspect.

The main job of a designer is to work on the human aspects and design of a product rather than manufacturing it. While the task may seem easy, it actually isn’t. The job of an industrial designer is hard. Now, why is that? Well, this is mainly because designers are often required to be multi-talented. They must be an engineer, artist, and marketing expert all rolled into one and must have a perfect balance of the refined sense of aesthetics and hardcore practicality.