Importance of Writing a Good Description for Your Own Tattoo Design Contest

When it comes to personalized tattoos, tattoo design contests are the best option. After you’ve decided to take the time and effort to start an online tattoo design contest with a view to get a design that is totally based on your personal ideas and preferences, you need to make sure that your description for the design is absolutely clear.

Without a clear description, tattoo designers will have a hard time figuring out what it is that you precisely want. You may even get inferior or substandard designs, designs that don’t match your expectations and some that don’t even come close to what you have been thinking, because the designers creating tattoo designs for you may not be able to understand your needs from the description provided by you. What’s worse is that designers may opt out of the contest because of the lack of clarity in the design description because they may not want to do business with someone who isn’t able to explain what is exactly needed.

When writing a description, visualize what the tattoo looks like in your mind and then try to put it down in writing. It could be very easy to start the description, like stating that you want a dragon breathing fire with wings outstretched. It’s a good starting point and then you can add more details to your specification. For instance, you may mention that you want the dragon to have red eyes with a forked tail. Make sure you designate the size of your request because that will determine just how much detail can the designer fit into the design. Also let them know the body part where you wish to have the tattoo placed.

By getting tattooed, you are making the choice to get a permanent mark put on your body that will probably outlast you and you need to make sure that it is everything you want. A confusing, or incomplete description will either get you a design you’re not happy with, or a tattoo that you surely won’t like.

When launching a tattoo design contest, it is imperative to be clear of your expectations in terms of size, color scheme and the body part where the design is intended to be tattooed, or the contest itself will be a waste of time. Tattoo designers will have numerous questions and you’ll be answering endless questions about details you did not specify while starting the contest.

The more information you provide, the closer will be the designs that designers offer. You can’t expect to get the best results from a tattoo design contest if you can’t provide a good description of your tattoo. There would be no point in starting a contest if you have to close it without getting that perfect tattoo design that you had hoped for.

So plan in advance and write down your description. Then take a look at it as if you are a designer and try to figure out of your description is clear enough to know what needs to be created. Do you understand it fully and does it paint a picture in your mind of what it should look like? Does this picture reflect what you expect your tattoo designer to create for you? If yes, go ahead and start the contest. And if there is a doubt, re-work it until you are satisfied.