Identifying a Good Graphic Design

Oftentimes, people confuse graphic design with other forms of art. While the former does in fact incorporate major artistic elements, it has a clearer purpose which can be used in different industries particularly that in business and in corporate fields. Meanwhile, many art forms focus on self-expression, portrayal of moral and societal issues, and aesthetic value.

One of the purposes of such type of designing is to come up with a symbolic representation that will serve as an emblem to a certain group, organization, or company. The logos we see on our favorite canned goods, favorite television channels, favorite fast food chains, and many others are all products of graphic design. They also serve commercial purposes. The images that are seen on billboards, leaflets, brochures, and other printed ads are all achieved through this aspect of design.

Since they play a crucial role in enticing consumers to purchase goods and services, as well as serve as an embodiment of important organizations and companies, these designs need to be appropriate and concise for whichever purpose they serve. This can be tricky especially that the use of words is usually minimal, but good graphic designs portray their specific message straight to the point and without causing confusion.

A good graphic designer knows how to utilize the different components of design accordingly. The right choice of colors, texture, size, font, and layout design is crucial. In order to create an impact on the audience, the designer also has to incorporate ounces of creativity into his design which will help in making it a lasting image on the minds of the viewers.

The colors used in good designs must always be appropriate to the message they wish to communicate or entities they aim to represent. The graphic designer must also be knowledgeable of the societal connotations of certain colors. For instance, the color purple could mean royalty in other societies, while for some others it could connote grieving.

The textures of good designs give them a classy finish that gives the overall look a lasting impact on those who see it. It is the job of the graphic designer to make the design as soothing to the eyes as possible. Sometimes, too much noise or detail would make the design messy and would end up distracting the audience from the original message.

The size of good designs should be appropriate. If it is intended to be put up on a billboard, then the graphic designer should make the design proportionate to the size of the billboard. Available space should be maximized well to make a good design.

The fonts used in graphically designed materials should be of the right size, type face, and boldness. Creating a design with a font type that’s difficult to read or too small will most likely be ineffective in conveying its message.

The layout design is the overall arrangement and positioning of the texts, colors, and images on the material. It is very important for a graphic designer to have a good eye and knows how to properly arrange the elements in such a way that will not wind up looking too messy or too plain that the viewers would not be compelled to take another second to look at the design.