How to Select an Interior Designer for Your Next Project

You don’t have to look very far these days to find a variety of innovative interior designers providing top quality and creative resources for your home makeover.

Most people prefer to use a professional interior designer when they are building their dream home or planning a remodelling or renovating project as you can tap into the vast experience and creative ability they provide with home design and architectural expertise.

Finding the best interior designer to work with you on your home will involve you doing your research. Look for good communication skills and a designer who can understand and interpret your ideas, so you feel comfortable and able to express yourself freely and not feel intimated. Getting this sorted out at the beginning of any project is crucial as the designer needs to completely understand your needs and requirements before any project can get underway.

A good idea is to start compiling a file of all the design aspects you like and some you don’t like as this will give your designer a good place to start from. Think about colour, fabric, furnishings, patterns, and your personal preferences for art and furniture.

Ask to have a look at their portfolio to get a feel for some of the projects they have completed and also look for feedback from their clients. A close communicative working relationship during the course of the project will ensure success on completion and that expectations have been managed and fulfilled. Budgets are always a big consideration so you will want to be able to liaise freely with your designer to ensure the project stays on track.

A major factor in deciding who to commission for your home make-over project is to find someone with great listening skills and one who shows a willingness to work closely with you to ensure your home interior design is personal and functional and mostly importantly is designed to stand the test of time.

When it comes to interior design there should be very few rules and it is the responsibility of the designer to use their intuition and be able to tap in and establish what you want from them as a designer. They need to appreciate where you are coming from, understand your personality, what makes you tick and then put forward a design that complements your personality and transcribes this through to your home make over. A good designer should know how to make an impact without compromising the look you want to express in your home design.

If you want to inject some vibrancy into your home with a new look without committing to a complete makeover, you can do this with a few simple changes to your window treatments, or new coverings for your furniture, or perhaps a new colour scheme for your walls.

It’s amazing how a new coat of paint can change the look of a room and by adding a new twist to your familiar theme you can create an entire new look that reflects your lifestyle and is functional and fabulous.

We have seen a lot of interior designer trends come and go but we all know “home is where the heart is” so you need to ensure that any new ideas that are introduced and incorporated into any changes you make will go the distance and not just be a fad or the next best thing.

Your new designs should enhance your existing living space and be practicable, functional and comfortable if they are created with the people in mind who will use and share the space.