How To Get The Ideal Custom Tattoo Design

For many, deciding to get a tattoo done is a lot easier than choosing what tattoo design to have. Picking a design takes a lot of patience and time especially for first timers who have little to no knowledge about what designs will look perfect on them.

Because a tattoo is a lifelong investment, you absolutely want to make certain that you will always love the design that will be done on you.

Traditionally, both tattoo studios and individual tattoo artists have catalogs where all of the designs and their specifications are shown. These are like portfolios where they show clients their outstanding work, and from where they will choose the best available tattoo design. However, since the trend has moved dramatically from conventional to custom made tattoos, many tattoo illustrators have already widened their design spectrum to help clients choose the best design for them. Here are some helpful tips on how to get an ideal custom tattoo design:

Choose your design and desired location first.

This is important to determine. Most custom tattoo designs are created to suit certain parts of the body and may be slightly different in men and women because of body type variations. You can visit different tattoo studios and learn from artists what designs might be suitable for your desired location. Most men have theirs on the chest and arm areas, which represent their masculinity, whilst most women opt to have their tattoos on the lower back, nape and navel areas. If you still cannot pick a design from a tattoo studio selection, you can browse tattoo websites, which have free custom designs. However, if you already have a design but cannot decide where to actually have it tattooed, you can consult tattoo experts to help you find out where it will look great on you. It’s important that you take time to locate where you think it’s best to place your tattoo because it can take a toll on your confidence especially when choosing a part of the body that exposes your tattoo. Consider factors like job restrictions, religious beliefs and cultural and social affinities.

Your tattoo design mirrors your personality.

Tattoos are a mirror of oneself. You can choose a design that speaks about something that most people don’t know about you, perhaps something that is special and which is hidden in you. For example, many pick a design that tells of an important event that has transpired in their life. Some choose to have their kid’s or partner’s names tattooed on them as well as information about other significant events that have made a great impact on their lives. Your tattoo design may even be a symbol of your lifestyle, feelings and thoughts that you want to convey in a creative and artistic manner.