How to Choose Unique and Sexy Flower Tattoo Designs

Is it not lovely to see a flower tattoo design on a woman? Flowers are usually attributed to women and so having a tattoo of a flower adds to her feminine appeal. In other words, tattoos make woman more attractive depending on the quality of design and the added features that make the tattoo exceptional.

Most women are apprehensive that tattoo might not look good on them. Thus, it is very important that one should know how to select the suitable flower tattoo design for a woman.

First of all, one should know and decide what flower she wants. Rose is a very common flower design that a woman might choose. In trying to capture the woman’s desire for uniqueness, the common rose could be designed with an added flair, say a stylish leaf and stem with a wavy ribbon.

The next thing to consider is the color combination. It might look off tangent to see a flower tattoo, which leaf is red and petals are black but in making this you present a unique design that could catch attention. Isn’t that the woman desires to gain attention and if possible mesmerize a man?

Finally, put some elements that would add aesthetic value to your new tattoo. For sure, a butterfly fluttering just above a petal is very suggestive of the woman who has that tattoo. Or maybe a plucked petal falling from the flower bud provides motion or life to the design.

Overall, flexibility of the design is very important and getting visualization in many angles would help in choosing the perfect flower tattoo design.