Here’s Why You Need A Custom Designed Website

It’s alright to use a pre-designed template if you are creating a blog. In fact, just like there are acceptable formats or standards in writing business letters, blogs have established conventions such as quick links that enable a reader to navigate to past posts and so on. However, when it comes to a business website, the opposite is true. This is not to say that you have to throw out all the rules and create a website that does not conform to any prescribed design standards but bend the rules to your advantage to create a distinct and individual impression on the visitor.

At this point most of us would want to know why should we choose a custom designed website over a ready-made template when the latter is definitely cheaper than the former. There could be 101 reasons to do so where 101 not being an arbitrary figure but symbolically representing the number of additional customers you stand to gain by having a custom designed website. However, for practical reasons owing to time and space, we will feature here three significant reasons why you should chose a custom designed website.

1. You wish to stand out.

Now this is a sentiment that most businesses would be able to identify with. Especially, if the websites of your competitors all look the same, then obviously you need to make yourself distinct, stand out so that you get noticed. Otherwise, it is highly possible that your customers are buying from your competitor without realising they are. Whether you conduct your business online fully or partly, that is you have an e-commerce website or even if you don’t, the importance of making a unique impression on your customer cannot be ignored.

2. Your customers belong to a certain segment.

If your customers belong to a discerning category that differentiates between style and substance, then you cannot afford to use a cookie cutter website solution. A custom designed website is as much about form as it is about function. Your customers will be able to have a richer and much enhanced user experience while you will be able to exercise better control on not only the content but also influence how your customers navigate and browse through your website.

3. You have a long-term brand communication strategy.

This is probably the most important factor which makes a business choose a custom designed website. Even if you are a small business, if you have ambitious growth plans, then it is important to express them through your website designed. Customers are primed to consider companies that have indistinct websites as just another face in the crowd. If you have invested in creating a distinct brand identity with a strategic communication plan, then a custom designed website is ideally suited to enable you to achieve your marketing objectives. The key difference here being, whether you want to be identified as a commodity, just another service provider or as a brand that is valued.