Four Reasons to Choose Designer Flower Arrangements

Highly trained floral designers have the ability to turn a routine gift of flowers into something truly extraordinary.

Reason #1 – Unique and Personalized Style

One of the primary reasons to choose designer flowers over the run-of-the-mill choices from a big box florist is that floral designers are able to add a high level of imagination and care into their designs. The recipient of a designer flower arrangement will get a unique, one-of-a-kind design, tailored to your specific wants and needs. Some designers will sit down with you and sketch out possibilities as you chat, and many can recommend design styles based on the event or purpose of the arrangement. These compositions can range from simple, minimalistic looks; compact European-style bouquets; monochromatic choices; and a whole variety of other colors and mixes. Designers will also help you choose a container or vase that will reflect the mood of the arrangement and enhance the overall aesthetics. They can even help compose a message to include with the floral gift, if you are struggling to find the right words.

Reason #2 – Selection

Savvy floral designers are usually privy to the widest selections of cut flowers available. If you have special or unique floral needs, they can usually find a source — no matter how exotic or out-of-season the bloom may be. Some of the most talented designers rely heavily on local growers to provide blooms at their very freshest and peak of beauty, but experienced floral designers also buy from a select group of long distance growers that they know they can rely upon to provide quality blooms.

Reason #3 – Service

Most floral designers take the service element of their business very seriously. Besides spending time with customers helping them choose just the right flowers, theme and “feel” for their arrangements, floral design companies place a high value on the satisfaction of not only the primary customer, but the recipient of the arrangement as well. Designers take special care to ensure arrangements are meticulously arrayed; placed in an appropriate container or boxed carefully; and delivered on time in perfect order.

Reason #4 – Guarantee

Finally, floral professionals generally guarantee their work. This means that both you and the recipient of your gift must be entirely satisfied with the arrangement or your money will be returned. With a trained floral designer, you can expect your gift to look exactly as you specified and be packaged and delivered with the utmost care and sensitivity to time.

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