Flower Tattoo Designs from the Popular Hawaiian Islands

While being in Honolulu Hawaii for Christmas vacation I noticed the many different tattoo designs that are prevalent here. Any kind of flower or tribal tattoo can be found on most natives to Hawaii. What is in a tattoo design? Some of the most popular tattoos are the Hibiscus flower, usually a red or yellow flower with a few pedals surrounding the middle seed. This flower is a popular design and coexists with the rose tattoo. If you are looking for a flower tattoo you probably cannot go wrong with a Hibiscus flower, second to the rose. If you don’t know what one looks like do a little image search on a popular search engine and you are bound to have many results.

After being in Hawaii for 10 days it has opened my eyes up to the massive amount of tattoo designs there are in the world. I have never seen so many different kinds of tattoos, it almost seems like everyone on the island had a tattoo of some sort. My friend stayed an extra 2 weeks and it so happens that he just got an arm band tattoo. Of course he did not get a flower but went with the tribal design. Flower tattoos are popular with the natives of the island along with women. You would not see too many guys with flower tattoos unless if it was a fashion statement. Usually a guy will get a tribal design of some sort, almost mimicking a razor design or barbed wire fence.

Are you looking for a tattoo design but don’t know where to start? We are researching the many different tattoos that are both popular and uncommon. The rose tattoo is the most popular design but also the Hibiscus Hawaiian flower is becoming a popular pick from tropical areas. Picking the right design is the most important part of the tattoo process otherwise you will spend more money getting a rose tattoo design you do not like removed by lasers.