Flower Garden Design

A lot of people do not spend much time thinking on a flower garden design. The moment the name comes to their mind, they start digging and planting random trees with the hopes that they will flower properly. But this is not true. Things might turn out to be completely different than what you imagined it would be. Like any other garden design, a flower garden design also has to be planned properly so that your garden looks the best. In this article we shall discuss the main steps for a flower garden design.

Site Analysis

This implies inspecting the ground for the kinds of plants that can survive there. You have to inspect your soil to judge its fertility. If there are different spaces in your garden that have shades and light, then you need to see what kind of plants you can put where. After all, beauty is not the only objective of flower garden design. You also need to have healthy plants.

Basic Sketch

It is a good idea to sketch out your flower garden design on a piece of paper. It will help you to have a clearer idea of your garden. You will be able to have a clearer idea of its shape and size, the kind of plants that will be there and the combination of plants that would look good together. For instance, you can put the roses and shrubs together. Vegetables can have a separate arena and there can be a water fountain in the middle. You can even put in a bird feeder.


Different plants need different amounts of space. For instance, roses need a good deal of space. And it is difficult to grow cucumber and pumpkins as their vines might disturb the surrounding plants.

Butterflies and Birds

This is another important quotient you have to keep in mind if you are going to set up a flower garden. Do you want birds and butterflies in your garden? If so, why? Will you get a bird feeder? Butterflies are attracted by certain types of plants. Find out about them. Then you have to locate the place where these plants would look nice. Even that is a job that requires a lot of thought in it.

While these are only some things that are important in a flower garden design, these are not all. There are many other nuances which you will be able to think of once you draw out the basic plan of a flower garden design and work upon it.