Flower Garden Design Tips

If you’re not a particularly skilled gardener and are considering a flower garden design, then you’re going to need some tips. So here is some quick-fire advice to help you get the ball rolling.

Your starting point needs to be in determining the shape of your flower garden. For beginners, straight lines are far easier to work with so you might consider digging square beds to plant your flowers. If you prefer a more curved design then make sure you dig bold, sweeping lines that don’t wave out of shape as this makes for a very confused looking garden.

In the past, gardeners have separated all of their flowers and plants into different beds to create very distinct groups. However, the more modern approach is to plant flowers, plants and other shrubs together to create a more natural design. Make sure you dig wide enough beds to accommodate all of the things you want to plant and leave enough room between everything for them to properly grow and reach their full potential.

Even though I’ve advised you to mix everything together, don’t just plant one flower next to a different one and then a different one next to that. This will only create a clumsy and awkward looking design. Group your flowers in odd numbers of five or more. So in one bed you might have many different kinds of flowers but at least 5 of each group to create bold and striking colours with a neat flow.

Different gardeners do different things, but a general rule for a flower garden layout is to plant the taller flowers at the back and the smaller flowers at the front. This method ensures you can see all of the different flowers and enjoy all of the work you’ve put in.

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