Flower Designs

With so many floral species to choose between, with tattoo flower designs, it can be a rather daunting task to decide on the one that you feel is right for you. Also, you may be pondering over whether or not a sole flower is right, or if a chain or group of flowers is best.

Whatever you decide to opt for, in the end, one thing you can always pretty much guarantee with flower tattoo designs is the fact that the finished piece is likely to be extremely colorful and very eye-catching.Mother Nature has spent a lot of time crafting these amazing plants and they will look wonderful when they are recreated on the body.

In nature itself, there are flowers that are available to capture any type of color that appeals to you. Whether it is the deep-red rose, or the more subtle white and yellow of the daisy; talented tattoo artists should be able to bring these alive for you in your ultimate tattoo piece.

It is probably fair to say that flower tattoo designs are usually more preferred among the ladies. This is because they provide the ultimate statement of femininity and the designs will look exceptionally tasteful, elegant and pretty.

Men do plug for flower tattoo designs and roses have always been a very common choice. Often such flowers will be accompanied by other symbols or emblems and the man usually goes for the rose as a statement of love towards someone special in his life.

I have even noticed a lot of men incorporate flower tattoo designs into fully sleeved tattoos and this actually looks highly effective. With plenty of green foliage in between the flowers themselves, this type of design will actually look far more masculine and makes for an awesome piece.

Women would not usually go as far as a full tattooed sleeve and instead, they tend to prefer to locate flower tattoo designs on parts of the body that are going to add to the elegance and daintiness of the piece. With this in mind, the top and bottom areas of the back do look absolutely great and for a long flower tattoo design, this looks amazing when it ventures down the length of the spine.

With floral chains, this can look particularly pretty when it graces the ankle area or even the top of the arm. Small and colorful designs also look at home when they are crafted at the top of the chest, but don’t go overboard in this area and keep things subtle.

Flower tattoo designs popularity shows absolutely no signs of waning any time soon. In fact, they are being selected more and more by avid body art enthusiasts. These designs can be especially intricate, therefore make sure you select the right tattooist for the job. Don’t be afraid to discuss adding other details or even taking some away.