Floral Designing Corsages and Boutonnieres – Flowers You Wear

Designing flowers to wear for special occasions can range from the very simple to the very elaborate. Corsages and boutonnieres do not have to be elaborate to be attractive and well designed.

Flowers that are worn should be placed on the left shoulder, wrist or lapel. Boutonnieres for men should not contain lace, bows or other feminine accents. A small V shaped ribbon behind the flower to coordinate with the corsage worn by the gentleman’s companion is however, acceptable. Pin the flowers from the back of the lapel to hide the pin. Pushing the boutonniere through the buttonhole on the lapel will not hold the flower upright and will create a “lumpy” effect.

Corsages are also worn on the left shoulder or may be worn on the left wrist, if the formal attire will not support the weight of a corsage. Some women prefer to pin a corsage to their handbag. Corsages may be composed of one flower or several flowers. Lace, tulle and ribbon are all appropriate accents for a lady’s corsage.

Some flowers take a specialty wire which we will not discuss at this time. Those flowers include, but are not limited to: gardenia, lily of the valley, orchids, and stephanotis.

To tape the wired flower simply place floral tape at the calyx and twirl the flower while gently pulling and twisting the tape downward, around the calyx, shorten stem and wire. Tear off at the bottom and wrap the end around the stem.

To construct the corsage or boutonniere, tape two wired flowers, or a leaf and flower, together then cut off one stem. Continue adding flowers, leaves and filler, one at a time, each time cutting off one stem to remove bulk. To finish off the last stem wrap the tape under the end of the stem and back up a short ways to cover all the wires and stems at the bottom. A bow may be added to a corsage. To finish the boutonniere with a flare spiral the end of the stem by wrapping it around a pencil a time or two.

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