Finding Your Perfect Tattoo Design

My first visit to a tattoo shop was a nervous one. It was the beginning of a week off work and thought to myself “Gonna get this done as then should be OK for when I have to go back next week”. I had an idea of what tattoo design I wanted to have done so I went to the local tattoo shop that I had heard great things about.

The girl in the shop, Laura, was very helpful and looked through various lettering designs on her laptop using Photoshop. After about half an hour or so, we had narrowed it down to a few options, different lettering styles and sizes, so I decided to take a few printouts away and booked an appointment for a few days time.

As the day was getting nearer I was getting more nervous and started questioning “Are any of the tattoo designs exactly what I want?”. I wasn’t 100 percent about it. I cancelled the appointment the day before because of my uncertainty.

I decided that I really needed to get the exact, perfect tattoo design that I wanted before going back. Unfortunately I don’t have fancy programs like Photoshop or anything like it so I decided to search the web. What a selection!! I found tons of websites with hundreds of designs but it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for again. Then I came across Chopper Tattoo.

After reading several reviews of membership websites I decided to join Chopper Tattoo, at a cost of $24.95 which included unlimited lettering downloads. Within one hour of joining I had done it! I had found the perfect lettering style I wanted and called the tattoo shop to book another appointment for my next week off(I get too much time off yeah).

Whilst a member of the site I also saved several tattoo designs that I may be interested in getting in the future and also invited some friends over to choose some for themselves.