Designing Website For Your Restaurant

A website in the first place serves as a giant business card of your establishment, accessible from anywhere in the world. Unlike a printed catalog or brochure, it can accommodate a lot more information about your organization. And it costs you peanuts when compared to these – about US $ 200 for a simple one. You can also have it developed in a way that allows you to change the critical content of your website on your own. This facility may cost you just a tad more than the simple one. If you are ready to spend about US $ 1000, you can have a website that facilitates online interaction with your customers.

A visitor to your website should be able to get an idea of the concept of your restaurant from the very first page. Ensure that your vendor has a sound graphic knowledge to deliver this. Your website should normally have all of the following pages:

Home Page: The page that opens when your click your website and leads to all other pages when respective links are clicked.

About us Page: It carries complete information of your restaurant. Don’t forget to mention the accolades earned by your chef here. The gist of its content may be shown on the Home Page also.

Menu Page: The usual menu of your restaurant is displayed here. It is recommended to describe here the dishes in detail – particularly your specialties. It is better to indicate the cost of dinner for two people if prices are not mentioned here. If you have a long list of dishes or if the dishes are specifically categorized, let this page be split into several more pages with links. A very long scroll bar makes the pages very untidy in a restaurant websites.

Reviews Page: If your site has the facility for reviews to be written, this page will carry the live content. Otherwise you can put any reviews or articles of your restaurant published in the local press.

Awards Page: If your restaurant or chef has won any award, you can boast of them here. If you have any pictures of celebrities visiting your place, they can be included here.

News Page: Display any current content here. This page should be included only if your site has facility to add content from your side.