Designer Houses to Suit You

Like many people, you may feel that you prefer the low maintenance and modern comforts that come with new build property but equally do not want to be on a development where all the houses are the same.

There are two options for you-

1) Buy a plot of land, get an architect and do your own thing

2) Buy a plot of land with planning permission and developers ready to build a home to suit you.


This first option is the most time consuming and requires the most effort from your part – but should result in an individual looking house built to your spec. The build cost will generally be higher than for option 2 but you will save by buying a plot without planning permission and reap the subsequent financial rewards once planning is granted.

There is however no guarantee that you will be granted planning permission or it may in fact take a number of years. If it is granted, you then have 2 years in which to begin your project – but should you wait beyond this period to begin construction the permission granted will be null and void and you will have to begin the process all over again.

Individual plots of land with planning already granted are rare and also come at a premium. It is prudent when looking for these plots that you ensure that there are water and electricity connections nearby as digging trenches for laying pipes and cables over long distances can get very costly.


Your second option is to buy a plot of land within a small “lotissement” with planning permission already granted and developers ready to build and totally manage the entire project.

You may be given a standard choice of several houses for each development and a lot plan for you to choose your plot. This is probably the cheapest option.

You also have the choice of changing the layout of the house to suit your personal requirements/taste. However, the more deviations from the original plan the higher the costs in general.

Alternatively, you can buy just the plot and design a house from scratch with the developers who will be able to guide you and design something that is totally your own. This last option is the most expensive as it is similar to option 1. However, as everything is done “in-house” the process is far simpler for you, far less time consuming and less risky.