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  • . Flyer Design me: to print from a flyer design creation
  • . Flyer Design me: to print from a flyer design creation
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    . Flyer Design me: to print from a flyer design creation
    Frequently Asked Questions
  • We have posted the questions and answers frequently asked to be written by a customer.
  • Can I order in the same data as Q1 last time?
    I do not have to leave as a version, but the data remains therefore, reprint is possible. Need you send the data again There is not, I’m sorry to inconvenience but, as a sample, please printed leaflet. If you do not change the schedule plan, the rate does not change. However, when it was if there is a fix, you will need to have send the data again.
    It is a little far from Q2 your company, can I request a print from production?
    I cover by E-mail or telephone. If photography is required, a picture is taken with your request’s side, depending on your request or content, you send a positive, business trip is also available from the Company in shooting cost actual expenses.
    Have produced several points the Q3 image, is it possible to choose one point from that?
    In the normal estimates, for example Assuming the request of the brochure page thing on page 12, for parts of the main image of the brochure and cover image, it is rough, but including two points about the draft design plan, we have been your presentation You. Please be assured that the cost of the minutes of such, are included in the separately for: (unless more stringent cost, date of delivery, manner Note.) For 2 draft presented because there is not it.
    I’d like to shoot office building and Q4 product, but how can I do it?
    Yes, you can. I will travel shooting.
    It is a cost, but the shooting cost varies greatly on whether you would like any grade or type of subject. I think that it is a product catalog for example, an image of 5 × 3cm extent that up to quality is not especially hope like post 200 points, and go with a digital camera, but it also depends on your budget and shooting cut the number when it is this But 1,000 yen to 4,000 yen per point, will be travel expenses and transportation costs to this. Advanced detail reproduction, representation vivid is required when it comes to human model shooting gravure also food, used relatively large, but if you were taking a picture in the 4 × 5 camera, expenses will be of its own way . Coordination is needed a tool or accessory to this, the coordinates will cost. The rate up and down by location contents In any case, we will estimate presented to the speedy request of the quote.
    Q5 number of printed sheets or can be ordered at any 200 sheets and 100 sheets?
    Delivery is possible in the number of designation, but, please note the price does not change and the 500 minimum number of copies that are set by. Me flyer design.
    Q6 type of received data What is?
    It is in Adobe Illustrator data of Adobe. Notes at the time of the draft draft method page visit, since I have posted on.
    Is it printable in Word or Excel Q7 of specified non-application?
    Because it does not correspond to print Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, you will want to print is recreated in illustrator. Me flyer design based on these data when it is printed.
    Can you return the data already Q8 mail?
    I will return after printing.
    Q9 any delivery date much?
    Will begin production after payment is confirmed. Customers will vary depending on media of your choice, feel free to contact us first on the appointed date of delivery inquiries please.
    I want to change the Q10 shipping place, but Is it possible even after the order?
    If the delivery location and shipping place at the time of the order is changed, and (to prevent a mistake to hear) .. please convey mail. We will respond as much as possible. However, I think an e-mail to is not an absolute, it just to be sure, had you tell by telephone and whether it is all right.
    Is there any way to Q11 payment?
    In. Me flyer design, we ask by bank transfer.
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