Choosing an Orchid Tattoo Design

Men, of course, would prefer a tattoo design that expresses masculinity and strength. After all, a tattoo is a form of self-expression in itself. For the same reason, women prefer something very feminine and the most common choice is that of a flower. But with so many different flower designs, how does one begin choosing? Perhaps you no longer want a rose as it has become too common and a daisy or something similar doesn’t appeal to you either.

Then you might want to try getting an orchid tattoo design. Orchid tattoos are very interesting, unique and not to mention very exotic in appearance. They aren’t as common as a rose or lily but in terms of beauty, it doesn’t disappoint. The fact that it is one of the most cultivated kinds of flower in the world only adds to the variety of design one can choose from. An orchid tattoo design can come in many different shapes and hues. One of the most popular is the cattleya which has long been a symbol for all things exotic and mysterious.

This tattoo is often found on people’s shoulder blades, lower stomach, lower back and the foot. But perhaps the most beautiful placement is in the ribs as this would follow the curves of the body in a very elegant manner. The colors are what brings it further to life. But a design inked in black and white isn’t at all unattractive. In fact, many tattoo aficionados find that it looks more stunning when done in black and white.