Build Irresistible Designs by Touching Human Emotions

The first thing which any visitor notices about a website is its design. Every designer knows that in order to make his/her design successful it is necessary that some human emotion has been touched. Each logo design and website design whether printed or digital, communicates an emotion. Somehow these days with more stress being laid on SEO and conversion rates the designing part is being left out. In fact many do not understand that there is a direct connection between website designs and great conversion rates. Thus it is essential that web designers create a connection with emotions in order to promote and sell their services to clients.

A deeper analysis will show that emotions play a very important role in building one’s business identity. Most famous logo designs and web designs successfully capture a particular feeling with a particular purpose. For example whereas sports sites ooze with hard work, determination and excitement, a medical website/ logo symbolizes care, health and positive attitude. In this way, one tries to connect emotionally to the crowd.

As humans, all of us respond to design due to the appealing visual effect it has on our minds. In fact a famous quote by Frank Chimero says that “People ignore design that ignores people!” Therefore it is very clear that no design will be considered good enough if it does not convey an emotion. So how do you bring emotion into a logo design or a website design?

The answer is very simple. Go back to the basics. Understand all about the company you are designing for. Then go on to get a good idea about its target audience. For e.g. if a company is into products for kids, your design and logo needs to be colorful, fun and easy to understand – instead of being highly philosophical and having ‘modern art’ pictures. It is as simple as this. Your design should be relatable, something which tells a story without using words.

You might wonder is harnessing emotions and converting them into designs, enough to get the expected results. Well the answer is not a big YES. Because at the end of the day designs just create a congenial environment for the audience to try the products and services. If the product and services are not on par with what you claimed through your designs, then the business is surely going to suffer a setback. Also there are times when you have created a design which is ‘personal/ emotional’ in its outlook, but does not meet the client expectations or the company’s goals. What is required is a good understanding of the requirement of the business and the market emotion and come up with designs which are on par with both these criteria.