All Time Favorite Small Tattoo Designs For Girls

Girls who are looking to get tattooed normally want to start with small and cute designs to be able to “test the water” and get the feel of it. When it comes to choice of tattoo designs, they usually go for the popular and obvious choice – flowers, butterfly and stars.

Butterfly has been a number choice for girls when it comes to small tattoos. The reason can be due to the fact that aside from being aesthetically appealing, they can always relate to the meanings attached to this beautiful creature. Butterflies symbolize change or new life as synonymous with how an ugly cocoon transformed into a winged creature. Because of the amazing characteristics a butterfly posses, it can also represent beauty, freedom and hope.

Star tattoos as simple as they are have been the top choice for girls and still remain up to this day. Stars represent hope, dreams and aspirations in life. When tattooed on the body, they seem to be a symbol to represent the goals or directions they are going for. The most common variations of this theme are shooting stars and nautical stars tattoo.

Flowers have been one of the earliest designs, with rose being one of the old school tattoos. Over the years, girls have explored a lot of other floral options like cherry blossoms, lilies, lotus and hibiscus. Flower tattoo is a favored option for small tattoos for girls because its very versatile and flexible. There is an ample room to make it unique and creative no matter how popular it is. It can always be tattooed alone or as is and at the same time, can easily be combined with other elements such as butterflies and stars as mentioned above.

Butterfly, stars and flowers are all very flattering and fitting as girls tattoos when deciding what small tattoos to go for. They can always relate to the message attached to them as if they are symbolism of girl power. They are an all time favorite and will always remain classic and timeless.