Advice On Selecting A Design Firm

A company corporate logo is a crucial part of a construction company’s identity. A novice looking construction logo can reflect badly on an organization so it is not something to be taken lightly. Therefore, if you are seeking a design firm to design your construction logo, here is a little heads up for you to consider.

Logo Design Charges
What is affordable to one company may not be affordable to another. That said, most people would agree that a $200 charge for a professionally designed construction logo is in fact quite affordable. If you are lucky enough, you might even discover firms that offer quality logo designs for less than $100. However, do not expect too much in terms of service like what you would with firms charging $5000 for logo designs.

Work History
Just as you would expect your clients to ask you about your previous construction projects, you too should peruse past works of a design firm. Established design firms usually have a page or two dedicated to their portfolio. Some are divided by industries, design types and usage like if it were designed for promotional collateral.

Take a bit of time to compare designs of a few design firms and take note what what you find visually appealing and what you do not. Note if the design are clean and detailed. Does the design look rushed? Does the design standout in a good way?

Number Of Revisions Allowed
$100 is indeed very competitive for a logo design. So to ensure that you will likely end up getting a logo of your expected quality, ensure that the price includes at least 10 revisions. Better still, lookout for a 100% money back guarantee statement, and ensure that it comes with no hidden charges. Some design firms have been known to included administration or processing fees and this will affect the amount you get back.

Additional Items
Often, clients of design companies overlook this very important aspect of the whole design agreement. When the final design is handed over, ensure that you also get the logo in a a few of formats.

Included in this set of file formats should be one in a vector format. This format will allow you to decrease or enlarge the logo image without sacrificing the image quality. Hence, you should be able to use the file for print if you wish to.

Many reputable design companies will provide your construction logo in vector format without additional fees but there are some that will charge you for it. So please read the terms and conditions carefully when selecting a logo design firm as some design firms will only provide the final logo file in low resolution which is only suited for internet use. So be sure you specifically ask for that format before you sign on.