About My Simply Designed

All About Our Design Help

We are Design Experts in the state of California and Florida. We assist clients with residential projects big or small. We will keep your decorating budget to a minimum, we can work with you!

No project is too small for us to undertake, so please call us, even if you just need suggestions or direction with paint selection, general decor questions, furniture arrangement, accessorizing, etc. Just one hour can make the difference in the success of your project!

We am not committed to any one store or location, and can shop to any budget.

We have the resources to complete any project, from a simple paint project to a complete remodel! You don’t have to do any follow up, call any other contractors or spend time making stressful decisions. You can count on my company and affiliated companies to complete any project in a timely and professional manner.

About My Simply Designed

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