A Comparison Between Local Flower Shops and Online Florists

When you want to buy a special gift for your close ones, you might not always be able to do the task with ease. Finding an appropriate gift might take away a lot of your time. Have you tried gifting flowers to your dear ones? Flowers can beautify any occasion. It can bring a smile in the face of your dear ones with ease. There are flowers available for all sorts of occasions and hence you will be able to give your close ones a meaningful gift which is chic and elegant. Now, there are plenty of local flower shops as well as online flower shops available in Singapore. Is the online florist Singapore better than the local ones? Let us take a look at it in detail.

Choice of flowers

There are special flowers that can be gifted during each occasion. Elegant flowers for birthdays, anniversaries, funerals etc are available today. The flowers used for birthdays are different from the ones used for other occasions. When you buy flowers from the local Singapore florist, you might not be able to find different flowers that are specially used to serve an occasion. You will have to buy the seasonal flowers available at that time. However, the online florists will have plenty of flowers in stick which can be used for special occasions. You can place your order after checking out the various categories displayed at the flower store.


The prices at the local flower shops are dependent only on the market rates. They might not be able to provide you with additional discounts because the stock they keep in the shops are not always quite huge. However, when you compare online florist Singapore with the local ones, you will understand that there are huge price differences for the flowers. Since the online shops do not require a showy physical space to display the products, they will be able to provide you with additional discounts with ease. Most of the online stores sign deals with wholesale flower dealers across the country and get the flowers for cheap rates compared to the local stores. This helps them to provide you with better rates on your orders. Hence, the online flower shops are the better option when you consider the price tag.

Delivery options

When you buy flowers from the local florists, you need to take special care in carrying it to your home and then sending it across to your dear ones. This is not very easy because the flowers might get damaged in transit. When you choose the online stores for the flowers, they will deliver it neatly and promptly to the address that you mention. Hence, if you want to gift flowers to your friend who is living far from your home, you can ask them to deliver the flowers directly to the address with a personal note. The personal note will make the gift personalized and you can ensure safe delivery of the flowers to your dear ones too.