5 Principles That Make Great Design Shine!

Design is the essence of pushing the limited boundaries of technology and using creativity to help solve problems.

At its fundamental core, design is all about people and their love for aesthetics that matter.

Normally, design especially in the Web and mobile genre aims to help create unique and targeted experiences for various people and aims to achieve the perfect balance between human logic, cognition, creativity and human empathy. However, after lots of research, there are 5 principles for effective design that help to make it shine!

1) Design That Builds Emotional Connections

Emotional connections are designs for products that encompass the world we live in. It is because of man’s nature that he tries to find logic in everything. With design, the power to bridge an emotional connection is supreme. Tending a product or website to be highly trustworthy and credible makes the user believe in the principles of a brand. Thus, incorporating feedback from customers, catchy titles, and aesthetical design is what helps sell your dream. Not only has this, including powerful images and smoother animations inside your design made the design more memorable and usable over time.

2) Your Interface’s Feedback Is Direct Criticism!

This is one of the best practices in design and it strives to help make a connection with a person you have never met. If they say that your interface is cumbersome and things are difficult to find… change it! Your content should be conversational, as if you are talking to someone you know, yet you want to establish a partnership with them. Feedback is like two-way dialogue and helps to make your design better. Feedback is the voice that a customer gives to your product and design – accept it graciously!

3) Working With The Developers

After all, they are the ones who make the site look like it should! Collaboration is the word – a team that has a cohesive team, works on better designs. Brainstorming, meetings, research analysis, all helps to make your vision come to life with lots of trial and error. After all, pushing the boundaries of code language is what design is all about nowadays!