3 Important Features That Makes A Winning Logo Design?

Before this article leads you on to reading what is a winning logo design, it will help you understand what it is and what purpose does it serve. In order to understand the elements that make a logo unique, it is important for a designer to be clear of its purpose. So here’s a quick guide to that.

What Is A Logo?

In simplest terms, it is the identity of a company. It is also known as a brand identity; the image with which a company establishes its brand. Therefore, it’s extremely critical for a company to have a fantastic brand image if it would like to stand out.

What is The Purpose of a Logo?

The purpose of a logo is to give a face value of the company to the customer. It tells the customer at the first glance, in the first impression, what the company is about and what its main domain is. Any design that fails to convey the domain the specialty of the business is considered doomed.

Now that you are familiar with the importance, let’s move on to describing three basic elements that makes a winning logo design.

1. Simplicity

Almost every major brand has a simple logo. Apple, KFC, Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Dell are all some of the leading brands in the world and all of them focus on the simplicity of a logo design. Why? Because simplicity helps customers remember. They won’t get confused over complicated images, text or colors. Just one simple logo is all it takes to have a customer attached to the company. Every expert designer out there would teach you the concept of simplicity as the first major pre-requisite of a winning logo design.

2. Expresses the Purpose of the Company

As mentioned earlier, a logo needs to clearly represent the message of the company; it should represent the essence of the company. It might have the best images and colors incorporated, but if it cannot deliver the essence; experts would consider it as a failed design. Example: Nike Shoes’s logo is a simple tick/check. Which simply means it is the best, the most suitable and the most preferred brand for people who are looking for a “perfect pair of shoes.”

3. Flexible Dynamics

Flexibility is a very important factor in logo designing. Newbie designers create heavy and complicated logos that do not have a flexible nature. The logo needs to adapt to all ratios and aspects. It should look great on an ad poster as well as on a shirt print. Hence, it is always recommended to design it in vector format for best results.

To make a winning logo, you need to be original, creative, inspiring, as well as market oriented! Logo designing is now not merely an art, it’s a professional industry that requires subsidiary skills and not the main skill of designing.