14 Tips On How To Hire A Good Website Designer

It’s a bit tricky to find the right designer to get the job done for you in a timely manner, and who is not going to scam you. We have compiled a list of 14 key points to educate yourself on, so you know what to look for and ask, when searching for that right designer for your project.

1. Know what you want

Know what you want when starting a web project. Browse your competitors’ websites. Do some research. Determine what you need and want, and make a list of all those features and functions. This is especially important when it comes to cutting down cost.

2. Establish a budget

Make sure to communicate your budget to designer/developer (especially if you do not want it to exceed a certain amount). A well informed and skilled developer will be able to access the project and advise you if the budget you’ve set is realistic enough to create a finished product to your liking, at that price.

3. Make a shortlist of potential website designers

Once you know what you want and have a budget, put together a shortlist of prospective web designers.

4. Ask to see portfolio and references

It’s helpful if the designer/developer is familiar with your industry, but not mandatory. A really good designer just needs a few links to sites that you like, and they should be able to replicate something similar. This is why some designer charge more too, because they can grasp your vision succinctly and get to the final product quickly. This will help tremendously in cutting down on the going back and forth in revisions (saving a lot of time in designing). This is a skill and talent that not all designers have, when interviewing designers, ask them how long it takes for them to get to the finished design. A really good one should be able to get the concept and direction in 1 or 2 mock ups (expect to pay more to get those designers, if you’re lucky enough to find one, because they are RARE!)

5. Put together a timeline

You probably want a website up and running sooner rather than later. However, in-demand designers may require a few months to finish a project. This is not necessarily bad. It means they are in-demand and do good work. That said, just because a web designer can get a site launched quickly doesn’t mean it will be bad either.