What Is the Right Price for a Designer Bag?

A luxury bag is an item that a woman either owns or wishes to own. At one end of the spectrum there are women who like to own different types of designer bags – briefcases, laptop bags, clutches etc. – to go with every outfit and every occasion. On the other hand, we have the woman who buys a classic designer bag that meets the purpose of both great convenience and fashion. Any way you slice it, a fashion designer bag is a staple in any woman’s wardrobe.

Decide what you want

While buying this essential piece, what price should you pay? What should be your budget? What should you be looking for? Fashion designer bags, like all designer products, come in a huge range of prices. If you are looking for a classic bag made by one of the legendary designers, it might cost you as much as a down-payment on an apartment. If you are more into making your own fashion statement and think that one of the designers has exactly what you need, you may have the option of paying a little less. However, be aware you cannot buy a designer bag cheap.

Do you buy brand new or lovingly used?

Before deciding how much you want to spend, your first step is to check whether you want a brand new bag or a second-hand bag. This decision can be made after careful evaluation of what kind of bag you want and how far out its price goes beyond what you are expecting to spend. Second hand designer bags cost less. If you can buy it from the right source, you can actually get a good deal. What’s more, there are stores who do bag restoration and can make an old bag look nearly new. They may charge you a high price. If you cannot afford a new handbag, you might buy a second-hand handbag and have it restored. The total cost at the end of the restoration could be about the same as buying a good used bag. So, get quotes for the restoration from several sources. Then decide which option you want to take.

Buying discontinued or surplus handbags

There are reputable websites on the internet that carry new, discontinued or surplus designer bags. The secret is the website works with the design house that has a surplus or discontinued line of handbags. The handbags are new, the website guarantees the quality and authenticity since the handbags have been purchased directly from the design house. The handbags are sold at significant discounts compared to the suggested manufacturer’s retail price. Discontinued or surplus bags and accessories is an option that can save you time and money.

Take your time and do your research. Try a key word search with Yahoo or Google. You can also network with your close friends who may know or have had some experience with the websites.