What Is A Custom Tattoo Design Stencil?

A custom tattoo design stencil is an article used in applying tattoos to the body. It serves as a design outline for the tattoo artist. A tattoo stencil contains the design in from of outer line drawings of the basic features of the tattoo design. It does not capture the entire design. For example, the stencils usually have the edges and basic lines of the design leaving the intricacies for the designer to work out.

Tattoo design stencils are used mostly in designs that have complicated curves to make sure that the design will be perfectly outlined. Just like a custom tattoo design, a customized or personalized design stencil means that the stencil has all the details and specifications that the client wants in his or her tattoo design. There are a number of advantages in having a stencil made before getting a design finally tattooed on the skin. These benefits are given below.

One of the most basic advantages of having a stencil is that it saves both time and effort in tattooing the design on a client’s skin. For example, if there is a stencil for the outline, the tattoo designer will have a guideline and will not need to start from scratch. On the other hand, if the artist has no basis to start with the design, then the process of inking will really be time-consuming and tiring, for both the artist and the client.

Another advantage of having a design stencil is that it allows the designer to perfectly execute the design on client’s skin. Since tattoos remain permanently on the skin for as long as one lives, one would want it to be tattooed perfectly. No one would like to have substandard curves in their tattoo design because the designer’s hand slipped or his/her hands were shaking. Therefore, by having a stencil outline of the tattoo design, one can be sure that a tattoo will be applied flawlessly and in time.

Now that we have talked about the advantages and benefits of having a design stencil, it is time to find out about the different forms and types of a custom tattoo stencils. A stencil comes in several variations, and they all depend on the materials used, as well as on other specifications of the designs and application. For example, if someone is opting for an air-brush tattoo application, there are several types of stencil paper and at least two types of stencils that can be used for this.