What Are the Most Notable Benefits of Using Joomla Website Design?

There are almost more than 30 million Joomla websites on the Internet and it is proof of the fact that that the popularity of Joomla websites have soared in the recent years.

Joomla is now being used by many web design agencies when designing powerful websites for businesses.

Overall, websites in the web design and development industry in general have been revolutionised by open source software.

Among the most common open source content management systems out there, Joomla is the number one choice that is used for developing powerful websites at a reasonable price.

Many advantages are offered by Joomla website design that cannot be delivered by traditional websites. Following is a list of some of the key benefits of websites that are designed using Joomla.

1. Tried and Tested, Award Winning Software

Joomla happens to be an awarding content management system that has won repeatedly won awards in the open source category as the best Open Source CMS.

Joomla has been chosen as the best content management system based on numerous criteria, which includes functionality, robustness and usability of the system.

2. Open Source & License Fee Free

Since Joomla is free and open source it can be used for any commercial purpose. Those who use Joomla do not have to pay any license fees.

The code is fully accessible to web designers and Joomla developers. Thus, the code of a Joomla website design can be modified and extended to meet the particular requirements of a business.

3. Complete Control Over Website Content

Complete control over the content of a website is provided by Joomla. Joomla can be used quite easily. The administration interface of Joomla that is used to edit or add content to the website is also quite powerful.

4. Many Built-In Features

Many of the built-in features that are found on Joomla websites can also be found on established websites as well. Some of them include banner ads, contact forms, customer login and private areas. The Joomla feature page contains the full list of features.