Top Tips For Brochure Designing!

Brochures are a great way to provide lots of important information about an event/ idea/ brand in a condensed form. It’s important to pay a lot of attention to the design and appearance because the more attractive and eye-catching a brochure is, the more people are likely to pick one up or share them with others. If you are a graphic designer or work for a graphic design company, consider these pointers to help design a great brochure.

Tip 1: Pick A Concept

A brochure must have a concept that you base the design around. Whether it’s the topic the brochure covers or a design concept or even a colour scheme, you need to pick one unified theme to connect all the design elements and information together.

A proper theme will give structure to the design, and will help streamline the designing process. You can’t just put in random elements of design together when it comes to creating a brochure for a purpose.

Tip 2: Construct The Design To Convey The Message

Even if you’re having fun with the designing process don’t forget that the point of the brochure is to convey a message. The design should complement and enhance the message, and shouldn’t be limited to decorative purposes only. The design should speak out as well, and should help drive the point home.

From the different design elements to their layout, everything should help make the message stronger and clearer.

Tip 3: Use Bullets And Numbering To Give Your Points Some Structure

When you’ve got a message you want to spread, instead of typing it all up as one long piece of text, ask the graphic designer to break it up into lots of different points and club those into small, relevant groups. Divide your message into smaller bits and organise them according to categories. Then design these categories into small snippets using bullets and numbering.

This helps in dividing the information into bite-sized pieces, which are not only easier on the eyes, but also easier to process and understand.

Tip 4: Don’t Forget The Call-To-Action Element

The whole purpose of a brochure is to convey a message and elicit a response! Whether you’re looking for participation, funding, donations, assistance, branding, attendance at event etc. there must be something that you want the readers to do.

Invite the readers to take some action by including a snappy message that prompts a reaction and also providing all the relevant information and contact details for them to be able to do so.