Top Ten Tips for Avoiding Custom Tattoo Design Disasters

Every tattoo enthusiasts who gets a design tattooed on their skin consider theirs the best. They select from amongst thousands of tattoo designs, check out various tattoo styles and different categories that they fall in, the appropriate size and the best artist in town to create their dream onto the skin.

Even though they take all necessary before starting on their tattoo to ensure the design comes out to be the best, some points are left unnoticed. Those points have been discussed in the following paragraphs.

The top ten tips to avoid custom tattoo design disasters that people need to consider before getting a tattoo are as follows.

1. If you are interested in getting a Chinese, Sanskrit, Japanese, or an Arabic word or phrase from cultures across the world, make sure that the final design is an exact replication of the word and any changes in the size or shape do not change the meaning of that word or phrase. These symbols are often quite complex and one mark in the wrong direction may completely change its meaning. Also check if the artist is well experienced in duplicating these symbols and that the translation is correct from someone who is fluent in reading the language.

2. Carefully choose the location of the tattoo. Some areas of the body do not age well (and some are quite painful to tattoo – particularly ankles). So depending upon the size and significance of the chosen design, its location is very important.

3. Pick the design carefully. There is nothing wrong in following current trends in tattoo designs but make sure they suit your personality as well. If a particular design is extremely popular and you also like it, think twice. Tattoos reflect who we are. Select a design that represents your personality traits, your passion, your lifestyle or your heartfelt feelings for those around you over the ones that are in vogue.

4. Find out and understand what can happen to you while the tattoo is healing. You may experience swelling, itching, redness, scabs, fever, and even infections from a tattoo. So follow the after-care instructions, keep it clean, and use an antibiotic moisturizer.

5. Be sure to understand what all it takes for the tattoo to heal properly.

6. Be sure that to have a certain tattoo design inked on your body is your true desire. Don’t get a tattoo on a whim. It involves money, needs time as well as a commitment to have a maintain one. Also, it is something that remains with you for the rest of your life. So make sure it’s the right thing to do.

7. If you have a custom tattoo design made especially for you, based on your ideas and preferences, make sure it’s drawn out in exact detail for the tattoo artist to see and understand the design clearly.

8. For a custom design, get a test design made that can be put on special test paper, placed on the skin, and worn for a few days first. It’s particularly important if the size of your design has been enlarged or reduced from the original design/ size.

9. Don’t get a cheap tattoo design stencil. Get a high quality stencil because a poor quality one will be a disaster.

10. Never compromise on the design of your choice. If the tattoo artist says the design is too elaborate, then it’s probably beyond his/her skills and it is a signal for you to look for another artist who has the caliber to do the design. Spend some time with the artist to make sure that he or she understands the design and is capable of doing it correctly. You may see some samples of their previous work or check people’s reviews of the artist’s work.