Some Flower Tattoo Designs That You Can Use

Flower tattoos are generally patronized by women. This is perfect for portraying a prudent tattoo. Flowers generally exist for an impression that they are mild, gentle, and beautiful. This is find to be perfect for women who wants to get tattoo because it has a feminine connotation, although some men also choose flower design. Men who choose such tattoo integrate it with something very manly in appearance. Some integrates flower tattoo with a skull or a dagger. It somehow diverts the mildness of a flower design to something brave and strong.

Tattoos with flowers represent the loveliness of a woman. It displays a beauty that is commonly appreciated. It is relayed through different kinds of flower tattoos, each with their own symbolism and significance. It matters that a tattoo has a strong or mild color, single or multiple color, or if the flower design is engraved as a bunch or a stem. Every detail leads to an important impression and therefore should pass a careful decision.

The choice of your tattoo design should be according to your preference. It is understand that one factor in considering the design of your flower tattoo is the acceptance and knowledge of the symbolism of the design itself.

Rose tattoos are the most famous maybe because it was introduced long time ago. Rose tattoos convey different meaning. Its meaning varies upon its color. The very eternal is the red rose. It means love. Pink rose symbolizes admiration. White rose is for innocence. A rosebud is for beauty. Orange rose means passion while a purple rose emphasizes a love at first sight.

Cherry blossom is a nice tattoo design. Women would love it because it is very feminine. In China, cherry blossom calls for female beauty and love. However, cherry blossoms are perceived differently in Japan. In Japan, cherry blossoms symbolize transience of life.

Lily is another popular flower tattoo design. In general, lilies symbolize purity; however, its meaning varies depending on its kind. Its meaning also varies depending on culture. It is said that in ancient Egypt, lily means fertility. On the other hand, lilies are for innocence, in medieval times. The tiger lily means pride. Calla lily calls for beauty, while an orange lily calls for hatred. A yellow lily is perceived to be a sign of flirting.

Lotus tattoo design is much appreciated because of the value that it signifies. Its meaning is very impressive since it represents for a person who has gone difficult times but was able to survive and became even stronger! Lotus signifies good luck and respect. It is largely seen in Indian and Chinese mythology.