Should You Get Traditional or Custom Tattoo Designs?

You always wanted to have a tattoo and you feel that it’s time to get one. You start with checking the tattoo prices, the time and effort involved and finding the best tattoo artists. Then, when it comes to finalizing the tattoo design, you get confused. The confusion is about the fact that should you opt for a traditional design or get a custom tattoo design?

You can choose a traditional tattoo design just by walking into any tattoo shop no matter which part of the world you are in. There are tattoo magazines/ catalogs available in tattoo studios and shops in which you can find thousands of designs in all sizes. Some studios even keep a photo album of the original work/ designs that their artists have tattooed on their client’s skin. This gives the prospect customer to get an idea of how different a particular design may look on the skin from what it looks like in the magazine. Also, it allows the tattoo artist to showcase their talent to impress their prospective clients.

You can even print a picture of something you like from a magazine or an internet page, and take it to a tattoo shop to get that design inked on your body. These traditional tattoos are very common because a lot of people can be seen sporting the same design. So, if you want an indiscreet, unnoticeable tattoo, a traditional design is a good choice for you. For example; stars are one of the most common tattoos that people get. But, there’s nothing special about stars unless you give them a personal touch. A cross is also a very common tattoo design. But, just like stars there’s nothing particularly exciting about a cross with customization. However, you can always have the theme of stars customized just for you by hosting an online custom tattoo design contest.

A tattoo design contest opens you up to unlimited possibilities to have a great custom tattoo design. You go to the website, register yourself and start a contest by describing your design idea and personal preferences and finally offering a prize. Then, over the next two weeks you just have to review the sample designs created by the participant designers based on your ideas.

After review, you may select, reject or suggest changes if there is a design that you like but would want minor changes to be done. You can comment on the designs right there on the web page for the artists to respond. If you like some parts of one custom design, and parts of another, you can note that on the page, and the artists can make adjustments accordingly.

The prize that you set will decide the quality of your tattoo design because designers will obviously work extra hard to win the prize money. The number and quality of designers that are attracted to participate in your tattoo contest will also depend on the prize. A majority of tattoo design websites have a condition to launch a contest at a minimum bid of around $35-$50.