Pointers On How To Become A Graphic Design Superstar

Buy books regularly as an extensive book collection is essential for continued learning. Set a target of buying a new book at least two weeks ranging from educational books to inspirational or technical ones.

Start collections

Whenever you see a creative design that provides inspiration, bring it with you and file it away to make your own design collection. You can collect posters, brochures, and other material stacked away in easily accessible boxes and folders.


When you find designs that you cannot take home with you, take photographs. Camera phones usually provide good quality photos and are readily available with you at all times. Take pictures of designs, buildings, shadows on walls and other innovative subjects.

Read blogs

There is such a vast resource of design related articles that you can read at various blogs by successful graphic design experts. You will get a lot of new information about ongoing design trends and innovations.

Start your own design blog

Having read others’ blog for a while will give you the basic knowledge of how a blog functions. Start your own graphic design blog to be more in touch with the design community and become more analytical about your own designs.

Create fake projects

If you have spare time, create fake projects such as fake brands, for which you can design stationery, a logo, brochures and a website. Since you have no limiting factors, you can let your imagination and creativity go wild.

Redesign other people’s work

Alternatively, you could redesign projects by other people and correct whatever you think they did wrong.

Redesign your old projects

Review your past projects and redo ones that you think could be done better. You will discover how much you have progressed and improved.

Lectures by experts

Make it a part of your plan to attend one lecture every month. You will learn something new at each one.

Professional networking

You can network with other designers by attending lectures by designers who are more talented and experienced. Interacting with highly skilled people motivates you to do more.

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